• How to Loan Money From the Bank May 28, 2019 3 MINS READ
    Businesses need capital to continue their business. Capital might come from their own personal money, their profits or their earnings, or borrow money from someone else. You can borrow from anyone if they will allow you. But businesses usually need...
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  • 5 Advice on How to Successfully Borrow Money From a Lending Company May 15, 2019 3 MINS READ
    The thought of borrowing money can either be daunting or exciting. For some, it is usually the last resort for paying unsettled dues or, for others, a step forward to achieving something. Whatever it may be, applying for a loan...
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  • The 5 Best Practices in Collecting Money Apr 25, 2019 3 MINS READ
    Business photo created by freepik - Nobody wants to lose money, especially over money not collected. There are many reasons why this could happen: an evasive client, incompatible schedules, or missing documents and records. In this article, we listed...
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