About JuanTax Online Convention

Learn, network, and discover more on what’s next for the accounting industry. JuanTax begins a paradigm shift through a panel discussion on Purpose and breakout sessions on purpose-driven Accounting Technology, Education, and Business Growth.

Join us and be part of discovering why accounting with PURPOSE is the New Normal.

Featured Speakers

Scott Kregel

Kregel & Company CPA • Founder

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Dr. Velissa C. Rubaya

Bookkeepers Association of the Philippines • Founder

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Jairus Ferrer

iFarms, Inc. • Chief Executive Officer & Founder

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Jong S. Merida, Jr

Insight TM Corp • President & Chief Executive Officer

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Marvin Galang

JuanTax • Chief Executive Officer

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Bo Sanchez

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What to Expect

One day event full of purpose-driven discoveries

Panel Discussion

Join our speakers as they share their expertise and insights on how they utilized purpose to advance their practice in their respective industries.

Breakout Session

Choose from 3 breakout sessions that interest you the most. Each of our speakers is going to do a deep dive into Purpose-driven Education, Technology, and Business.

Breakout Session with Dr. Yzah Rubaya: Purpose-driven Education in your company

Dr. Yzah is a seasoned professional in the Bookkeeping industry. She has inspired thousands of professionals in learning bookkeeping and eventually helped them to put up their own bookkeeping firms and become an entrepreneur through education.

Join her session as she shares her insights on utilizing a purpose-driven education to empower your practice.

Breakout Session with Mr. Jong Merida: Leveraging purpose for business growth

Mr. Merida has written extensively on the topic of Wealth Management. He often speaks on personal finance and private wealth management both in his book Dare to Journey: The Path to Meaningful Wealth and in his blog at

Every successful business is grounded on a strong purpose. Join his session as he shares his wisdom on what it takes to leverage purpose for business growth.

Breakout Session with Mr. Jairus Ferrer: Accelerating Tech innovation with purpose

Mr. Jairus Ferrer is a farmer turned professional model turned entrepreneur that utilized technology to his advantage to empower farmers by enabling them to activate lands. He believes in Dignifying Philippine Agriculture through technology with iFarms.

Join his session as he shares his journey in utilizing his purpose to accelerate tech innovation in his industry.


Event Partners

  • Arta
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  • Legaltree
  • UnionBank
  • AIT
  • Xero
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Partner Firms

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Where will this event take place?

JuanTax Online Convention is a virtual event and will take place completely online via Zoom.

Is this event free?

Absolutely! Once registered, instructions will be sent via email containing all the links needed.

Will the breakout sessions happen at the same time?

Yes. In your registration, make sure you choose the session that interests you the most. Slots are limited.

Is there a capacity per breakout session?

Yes. Each breakout session can only accommodate up to 340 participants.

Will there be e-certificates provided for this event?

Yes, we will be giving e-certificates after providing your feedback using our evaluation form.

Is the slot limited?

There will be a maximum capacity of 1,000 tickets for this event.

Is the event live?

Yes, the event will be hosted live through Zoom.

How long is the event?

JuanTax Online Convention will last for 3 hours from 2:00 p.m to 5:00 p.m. which consists of speaker presentations, breakout sessions, and Q&A.

Once the webinar is over, will I have access to the materials and recording?

Access to presentation slides and recording depends on the approval of the Sponsor/Speaker.

I am unable to connect with the webinar, how do I connect?

To join the convention by invitation link

Simply click the link that the host provided you or that you received on the confirmation page after you registered. If the host sent a registration confirmation email, the link can also be found there.

To manually join the webinar

1. Locate the 9-digit meeting ID/webinar ID from your registration email. It may appear at the end of the phone dial-in information, or it will be in the join link, just after

2. Sign in to the Zoom Desktop Client or Mobile App.
3. Click or tap Join a Meeting.
4. Enter the 9-digit webinar ID, and click Join or tap Join Meeting.
5. If prompted, enter your name and email address, then click Join Webinar or tap Join.

Why can’t I hear anyone?

If you’ve joined a webinar and you are having audio issues, please make sure that you have selected the correct audio mode.

If you want to connect with your mic and speakers, make sure Computer Mode or Internet Mode is selected. Check that your speakers/headphones are plugged in and that your computer’s volume isn’t turned down too low.

Can I transfer or share my link, to join the webinar, to someone else?

The link to join is unique to you and should not be shared with anyone else. You are able to cancel your webinar registration at any time by going to the Cancel your registration link at the bottom of your Confirmation Email. Attendees wishing to join the webinar should register individually on the Webinar registration page.

How do I add the webinar to my calendar?

Depending on your browser, check that Popups and File downloads are enabled. Click on the Add to Calendar button and accept the invitation.

If you are unable to find an answer to your question, please send us an email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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