If you’re an accountant, bookkeeper or any other provider of professional tax services approved by JuanTax (the software), then you have what it takes to become an official JuanTax Partner and enjoy the benefits of the JuanTax Partner Program. By applying, you agree to the terms and conditions set out in this JuanTax Partner Agreement, as well as JuanTax’s Terms of Use, which incorporates all provisions presented in this agreement.

Once you agree with Juan Tax Partner Agreement not as an individual but as a representative of any person or your company, firm or other existing corporate entity, then you acknowledge that you are also authorized to bind such person, company, firm or other existing corporate entity to the agreement without prejudice to the right of Juan Tax to require you to present the appropriate written corporate action, in the form of Special Power of Attorney, Board Resolution or Secretary’s Certificate, if and when necessary. Please be advised that Juan Tax has the right to update and/or modify any provisions presented in this partner agreement any anytime without need of prior approval or consent on your part.

Partnership Prerequisites

Prior to being accepted into the Program, you must first perform the following actions/requirements:

  • Fill out the JuanTax Partner Application Form
  • Have at least five (5) organizations in JuanTax (standalone or connected to Xero)
  • Have at least one (1) paid organization in JuanTax
  • Setup your JuanTax subscription which includes a designated Principal and entering in-payment information to establish your Practice Billing Account

JuanTax will determine whether you are accepted to the program once all prerequisite requirements have been completed. JuanTax reserves the right to accept and decline any applications regardless of whether the requirements have been met.

Benefits of JuanTax Partner Program

Once you’re accepted into the program, or as long as you’re a part of it, you will have the privilege to access all the applicable benefits of the partner program. All these benefits could also be modified by JuanTax from time to time, according to the specified partner level. Benefits of the said program can be found at https://juan.tax/partners/

Partner Obligations

To maintain your status as a partner of JuanTax, you agree to:

  • Add at least one ( 1) paid client subscription (which does not include subscriptions provided in the benefits of JuanTax partner program) to your partner account within 30 days after being accepted to the program.
  • Maintain the number of subscriptions in the level you are at in order to receive the corresponding benefit.
  • Act in good faith as you offer the services provided by JuanTax software.
Duration of Agreement

All provisions enclosed in the JuanTax Partner agreement will become effective immediately once you are accepted into the program, and will still remain as long as you’re part of the program unless:

  • If the agreement was superseded by JuanTax at any time upon the effectivity of updated terms communicated to the other party.
  • The agreement has been terminated by either party for any reason(s), along with a one month’s notice that shall be sent out to the other party.
  • This partnering agreement is terminated by either party in immediate effect after a written notice given by another party, for reasons of any breach of the terms of this agreement.

If the agreement was terminated for any reason, then you will no longer be able to receive the benefits of the JuanTax Partner Program.


Once you comply with the pre-requisites, your firm name, logo, website and company details will be shown in our Partner page. Should you wish not to be included in the page, please inform us by emailing support@juan.tax.


You agree to follow JuanTax’s subscription and payment terms set out in terms of use, as updated or amended from time to time.


Partner status is determined in accordance with the number of subscriptions your firm has with JuanTax.

Applicability of JuanTax Terms of Use

This partnering agreement applies in addition to and incorporated with JuanTax’s Terms of Use by reference to the extent applicable and which govern matters in relation to your dealings with JuanTax, including limitations on liability, indemnification, intellectual property, and governing law.

This means that you agree to the terms set forth including all access to any services of JuanTax will be subjected to JuanTax’s current Terms of Use.

Relationship Between Parties

Please be advised that no agency, partnership or joint ventures were made between you and JuanTax as a result of the agreement and that you’re not authorized to create any forms of obligation on behalf of JuanTax.

This also means that you agree to secure JuanTax from any and all claims, costs, damages and/or loss that JuanTax may sustain as a result of any claim by a third party, including clients and any other users of JuanTax.


Last updated: November 16, 2017