Xero + Juan

JuanTax syncs with all Xero data and helps you file taxes in an instant.

Xero + Juan
Xero + Juan

Xero + Juan

JuanTax syncs with all Xero data and helps you file taxes in an instant.

Get started with JuanTax in just 3 easy steps

Integrate with Xero

JuanTax will create the appropriate tax rates to use in creating an invoice or bill.
JuanTax will create the withholding tax ATC codes to use when creating a bill.

Use Proper Tax Codes in Xero

Use the VAT rates set-up in Xero’s Tax Rates.
Use the ATC codes when creating a bill.
Maintain complete vendor and customer records in Xero.

Generate Reports

Create your tax report in JuanTax using the pushed data in Xero.
Generate tax reports such sa VAT, Percentage, and Withholding.
Obtain a PDF version of your tax report.

Submit your tax forms on time

Remove the hassle in filing taxes. Connect JuanTax with Xero for faster processing of local tax forms such as VAT, Percentage tax, as well as Withholding tax.


Enhance Your Tax Practice

Simple and easy to use application made especially for accountants and bookkeepers like you.

Integrate Seamlessly with Xero

Sync your contacts, chart of accounts, tax rates, organizational settings and transactions to Juan with ease.

Synchronize without Errors

Never worry on errors, for Juan pulls the information in Xero, and automates the calculation as it syncs.

File Anytime, Anywhere

VAT, Percentage and Withholding Tax – No sweat! File them easily in your dashboard in Juan.

We have a lot of benefits

  • Setup is easy and convenient.
  • Simple yet efficient.
  • Can be accessed anytime, anywhere.
  • Importing data can be done in a breeze.
  • Unlimited users and transactions.
  • Automated calculation.
  • Connects with different platforms.

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